Technology & Engineering

arttse technollogy                                                                            ART TSE’s clients depend on us to design solutions to their toughest business challenges. Our multidisciplinary project team is experts in the following areas:

–          WiFi-WiMAX & RFID (silk screen printing/flip-chip/converting-laminating).

–          Thermodynamics & Energy Systems (Wind Generator– Photo-Voltaic – Controller – IoPo Battery ).

–          Metallurgical of Steel, Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals (Titanium – Zirconium – Tungsten).

–          LED Lighting (SMD + IR) & Power Supply (Transformers + Converters).

–          Mechanical Conformation (casting – forging – stamping – pressing –milling).

–          Rare Earths & Special Metals (Powder Metallurgical).

–          Packaging Special Solutions (also handling devices and equipments).

The company is investing in software development technology that will ensure all products/services deliver best performance to our Customers.