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ART TSE, as a Multi-Disciplined Engineering and Consulting Enterprise has a Team of more than 10 Technical and Administrative personnel to deliver the finest product/service as possible. They are located on the following areas:

-          TELECOMMUNICATIONS: we work with some Radio-Frequency types, as Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, WiMAX, LTE.

-          RFID Systems: antennas, readers, middleware, software, handhelds …

-          Procurement & Industrial Survey: always caring about the “secrecy” and “non-disclosure” aspects.

-          Inspections & Quality Control: using OWN personnel and University’s Labs. Performing Materials Evaluation and Testing, Specifications Reviews, Quality Assurance, ….

-       Equipment & Machineries (Tools/Molds & Special Designs).

-       LED lighting for Public Illuminator, with or without the Energy Unit device. Also we design and produce LED lighting for Indoor applicaions(warehouses, shops, buildings, residences, …).

-       LED Displays for Indoor and Outdoor use, as well as mobile and vehicles applications.

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